About us

Fresh Like Paradize!

We started our bakery with one clear vision - To share our true love of great food and good times.  Remember when you were younger sitting around the dinning room table feeding your face but saving just enough room for that special pie, or special cake and it was all worth the wait of smelling it all day but not be able to touch it until dinner time.. awww what fond memories. 

Our love for sweets is not hidden in our family, it is one of the things that makes you feel at home, speaking of at home we know that sometimes life gets a head of you and you just want to take a vaca but the funds are not in the cards for that year and the year after that. Situations like this is how Paradize Cafe´ came about, originally thought of as a dine-in place for you to be transformed into your favorite island somewhere stationed right in your back door. 

While keeping the same concept each bite will transport your taste buds and emotions to a place of euphoria through our hand crafted gourmet pastries and desserts, we invite you to join our journey to experience our voyage of paradise through your senses. We Are Fresh Like Paradize!

Get to know us

Our home based bakery has a great team of people who share a love of fresh unique delicious desserts. We will make you feel welcome.

Annette Waller

Owner / Decorator

Shimae Smith

Owner / Lead Baker 

Phone: (702) 883-2436
Email: info@paradizecafe.com

Ebony Smith

Owner/ Sales Manager/ Customer Contact Manager

Phone: (760) 493-0363
Email: ebonysmith248@yahoo.com